"Electron charge density distributions on the (0 0 1) plane of the TMC unit cells illustrating the TM–TM, TM–C and C–C bonding."

"Anti-Vortex Image in Hele-Shaw Cell"


"LCPD images of the tautomerization switching of naphthalocyanine"


The patterns visible... it's just amazing... everything is a pattern... so how to utilize? 
You know Jason Verbelli - he is spot on with bringing order as the way forward... well.. don't these patterns evolve and result in order?

I mean, I can take a bunch of numbers in the grid - which are jumbled but also align to a pattern - then by adding/joining/multiplying - whatever - we bring a new level of order, but still a bit of jumble - and this continues all the way to 9 -> 0.

There has to be something behind, in front, through, between, inside, outside - EVERYWHERE :D

Good old Jason, has directed me to this:

Jason's Work

 Coming from some suggestions... a new world of symbols and ideas... 

...something along the lines of an octahedron I am expecting to result from my stacking/layering of the Vedic square...
The suggestion was to aim to layer into the code, the following image, which is an Adinkra symbol

...This adinkra is called "nea onnim no sua a, ohu" which translates as "he who does not know can become knowledgeable through learning"...

...Adinkra Symbols...

For more details on this, please check this link as this is the source of the topic for me too :)

Another interesting one... via Jason Verbelli's page again ;)