As I followed the step by step provided by an anoymous poster on godlikeproductions:

Clue #1: Adding the digits.

First Process:
A. Take any large number and reduce it to a single digit by adding the numbers together.

For example: 17 = 1 + 7 = 8

If the result is still not a single digit, repeat the process until it is.

example: 68 = 6 + 8 = 14 = 1 + 4 = 5


Now lets create a number chart for reference using this method:

Using the numbers 1 through 9
(We leave out 0 for now because the answers for 0 are always 0, no need to chart it).

Second Process:
A. Count each number (1 through 9) according to its multiple.

For example; 1 would be 123456789 and 2 would be 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18
(We only need to count 9 places, we are only using digits 1 to 9).

B. Now reduce allwhole numbers to a single digit using the first process method above.

The results should look like this:

0's = 0000000000 (Always Same,bookend of 9)
1's = 0123456789 (straightcount)
2's = 0246813579 (evens then odds)
3's = 0369369369 (repeating circles)
4's = 0483726159 (odd/even skipping descending)
5's = 0516273849 (reverse mirror of 4's ascending)
6's = 0639639639 (reverse mirror of 3's)
7's = 0753186429 (reverse mirror of 2's)
8's = 0876543219 (reverse mirror of 1's)
9's = 0999999999 (Always same, bookend of 0)

This will be our main reference chart. Notice how it makes a perfect matrix, that reflects itself, both horizontally and vertically...

I will breakdown some amazing things about this chart in future posts...


Ok so moving on with the chart...

0's = 0000000000
1's = 0123456789
2's = 0246813579
3's = 0369369369
4's = 0483726159
5's = 0516273849
6's = 0639639639
7's = 0753186429
8's = 0876543219
9's = 0999999999

The ways in which the number sequences mirror themselves on this is incredible,but I want to point out some items in particular.

In the very center of the chart is this:


Now please notice that
7 + 2 = 9
2 + 7 = 9
and 27 + 72 = 99

no matter wehich way you go...up down, or side to side, you get 9's

But What about diagnal?
7 + 7 = 14 and 1 + 4 = 5
2 + 2 = 4
add the two sums and you get 4 + 5 = 9!

9 is (literally) at the heart of everything.

Of course we did discover that when moving diagnally, we had to add both diagnals sums (4 + 5)to get 9, where as vertically horizontally we only had to use one sum to get 9.
(although using both still gives 9: horizontal 9 plus vertical 9 = 18...and 1+8=9!)

So what does this tell us about the dimensionality of our grid?

Well It tells us that the number 9 is sort of like the queen on a chess board. It can move up, down, right or left..and even diagnally, except with one must move along both diagnals simultaneously! This is not so with up down right left.

SO the path of 9 on our tiny grid of:


Can be represented as a "+" sign (up down right left)
Or an "X" sign (as long as it moves along both axis's simultaneously)

The language code is beginning to emerge...

So lets apply the same idea to the big chart:

0's = 0000000000
1's = 0123456789
2's = 0246813579
3's = 0369369369
4's = 0483726159
5's = 0516273849
6's = 0639639639
7's = 0753186429
8's = 0876543219
9's = 0999999999

Create a pathshaped like a plus (+) on this chart, using two digits...where this is the center of the plus:

27 (we will call this the little chart)

Ok....see the little chart is right in the heart of the big chart?

Now move up down or right left along the axis's of the (+) and add it as you go...

For example if we move up we see

45 = 4+5 = 9
81 = 8+1 = 9
36 = 3+6 = 9

If use the same process to go down, right or left, we still get 9's for sums.

So we can see that there is a Plus shaped path (+) made up of numbers that add to 9 superimposed on our big chart...but isn't that what the little chart showed us?

On the little chart, we get 9 by adding (+) the digits in the directions up down left or right....and then on the big chart...the sums of 9's fall along a path that is shaped like a giant plus sign (+). What are the odds of that??

Is it coincidence? Or is there some intelligent design behind all this perhaps?

Well...heres where some of you may begin to scoff and remain blind...but others will begin to see...

Notice something about our little chart and big chart...everything reflects....everything mirrors...

even the little chart mirrors and tells us information about the big chart...

It tells us about pathways, about directions, about speaks to us in a sort of language...almost as if some one, or some thing "put" it there for us to find.

So, pretend that the little chart is a little dot-----> .

And the big chart is a bigger dot---> O

If the little dot becomes a big dot.

. ----> O

growing can be considered in positive terms (a plus +)

on our 2d surface, in order for the dot to grow, it must expand in all 2d directions...up, down. right left.


(just like the shape of a plus.

Now notice how the 9's and 0's on the chart create an outer perimeter of sorts...sort of like an egg.

This is the big dot ---> O

and the little chart is the little dot

But also notice the 9's only make up half the outer shell, and the 0's the other half...together they create the whole shell (0 + 9 = 9)

You can also divide the shell in half by moving across the path of 9's through the center lines (up down or right left)

Based on the above (and some other items I left out) we can conclude a "half" to the big egg "O" which when divided makes a "D" (half circle)

SO...what geometric shapes have concluded on our "path of 9's" so far?

the inner little dot:


The expansion:


The outer, Big dot:


and the half of the big dot:


That pretty much defines our "dot" for us dimensionally...

Oh and by the those symbols above...this is what they spell:

D O + .


The universe was programmed with design...and the designer left us a message. 2012 is the year we discover what was put there from the very beginning. And this, my friends, is only one tiny little taste of the amazing things placed within the matrix of reality...and when you unravel the rest of it, it will shake the very foundations of your soul...

But thats galactic sudoku puzzle you'll have to figure out on your own.... tounge


0's = 0000000000
1's = 0123456789
2's = 0246813579
3's = 0369369369
4's = 0483726159
5's = 0516273849
6's = 0639639639
7's = 0753186429
8's = 0876543219
9's = 0999999999

Reference for the path of 9's


now lets explore a line

if we expand from our center dot in one direction (say left for example) we can draw an arrow to exhibit both direction and movement on a line:


Now remember What I said about diagnals? they mus move along both diagnal simultaneousely to add to 9

Well the arrowhead of our <---- is set on two angles isnt it? lets superimpose this on our chart and check it to see if it computes:

0's = 0000000000
1's = 0123456789
2's = 0246813579
3's = 0369369369
4's = 0483726159
5's = 0516273849
6's = 0639639639
7's = 0753186429
8's = 0876543219
9's = 0999999999

Make this shape on the chart: <-

the center line moves right through the little chart (its the horizontal axis of the giant + shape showed earlier)

And the arrow head moves out diagnally from the edgelike so:

xxx5xxxxx must add both diagnals (upper and lower) mirror positions to get the sum of 9.

6 + 3 = 9
6 + 3 = 9
4 + 5 = 9

So our arrowhead equals 9...and our horizontal axis equals 9 as shown on the plus sign example earlier...our paths work.

This our paths of 9 do create an arrow shape <-

So....getting back to our line...

If we follow the path....


Notice that the < sort of looks like a tilted letter L ?

Thats not by accident.

From the tip of the arrow moving outward < we create two diagnals that make...a diagnal L.

Now remember our sequence for the DO+.?

Start point "." expand "+" outer perimeter "O" and half "D"

Well...follow the path of the creation of the line and then connect the dots...


Start at the tip of the arrow head and expand diagnally to create a diagnal L.

the < also has a mirror > in the other direction. they create and outer perimeter.


If we move down "Half" of the ditance of any diagnal, and create the "inner" axis we get an X in the middle and a <> for an outer shell.


If we divide the above in half we get a diagnal </ and its reverse mirror \>

So that <x> seperated becomes </--.--\>

Or...LI diagnally with its reverse IL mirror.

Now go back to <> and connect the upper endpoint of one diagnal to the lower endpoint of its mirror(everything is connected but everything must mirror.

We get something that looks like a diagnal N

So far we have LIN and its mirror NIL

Lastly connect the top middle and bottom points of all diagnals. This will create a diagnal E and its mirror E.

Now put it all together.

As one it looks like am outer shell <> with an X and the original + all combined into one.

Should look like this (hard to display in text):


But if you seperate it out along a line:


What you get is the word "LINE" tilted diagnally...with a line running through it.

Beginning point,

< (diagnal L)

halfway (midpoints)

diagnal I

, endpoints (connected)

Diagnal N

, And all three points connected together:

Diagnal E

All you have to do is follow the path and the letters draw themselves.

The arrow points the way.

<--- = LINE


now lets talk about 2d vs 3d...this is the key to everything and why math is nonlinear.

Heres a photo of a geometric anomaly called "Metatron's Cube":

[link to]

Its created by making a flower of life and connecting the dots (search wikipedia for flower of life to learn about that).

basically you start with a dot.


Then using a compass, you draw a circle.


Then place the compass anywhere on the perimeter and draw another circle. Where the first circle intersects the second, points are created.

As long as you keep pivoting on the points with your compass you can create infinate circles and the end result makes the flower of life shape.

however, if you connect the points with lines (diagnally) it creates Metatron's seen in the link above.

Notice the inner and outer cubes.

remember our charts,,,the inner little chart and the outer big chart?

Envision that chart as a 3d cube...with numbers running along all axis' and the little chart at the heart.

Thats the true nature of math...math is not linear.

But getting back to metatrons cube...

Isnt it strange that starting with a dot and following 2d paths...there should be drawn a 3d object? a cube?

Well...its not really a cube in 2d...its actually a hexagon...but we imagine it in 3d as a cube.

The truth is...its both...and that is the BIGGEST clue I have to share!

Remember our arrow head?


From alinear viewpoint its an arrowhead. But on a diagnal viepoint, its the letter L.

In fact its both! It just depends on your dimensional viewpoint!

It is no accident that metatrons cube forms itself by unfolding the paths of the dot with a compass.

It was put there on purpose. It was designed to teach us!

If that simple 2d object is the window to the 3rd dimension...then ask yourself, what other windows are we missing? What other information might be seen, if we would only look at things from a different point of view? Perhaps we might even find ways to look into the 4th dimension using 3d...and more someone communicating back?

This has only begun to scratch the surface...


Re: >.........The Dimension Code.........<
this sounds like the algorithm used in creating the program that searches the bible torah qua ran etc in a matrix of squares looking for predictions.

The “Bible Code” is an algorithm created by Israeli mathematicians who used it to make predictions about the future. They claim that all of history is encoded in some way or another in the Bible.

An ancient tradition says that when God dictated the Torah to Moses, letter by letter, historic facts, past, present and future were encoded in the Hebrew Scriptures by an encryption system which can be described and unlocked.

It all started with a paper published in 1994 that claimed to have strong evidence that information about some famous rabbis were encoded in the bible even before the rabbis existed. Then in 1997, a book called “The Bible Code” was published which made the algorithm famous. Ever since then the bible code has been predicting everything from assassinations to dates when the world will end.
 Quoting: Jonathan97202 2126566

Your right....but its even more than that.

The bible says "In the beginning was the word, and the word was with god and the word was god", and the word was made flesh

Likewise God said "let their be light" and there was light.

What if I told you that the literal shape of our universe, when viewing cross dimensionally, was a matrix of information.

Information that includes letters.

For example...the literal physical shape of light is a cross dimensional pathway that is actually shaped Like an L and an I and a G and an H and a T.


Before there was matter, there was information.


Imagine a singularity if you can.

Well...actually you cant. If exist to think about it, then somethings exists beside the singularity, and therefore it is not a singualrity.

But regardless....lets go back to before the universe began...pretend its a blank empty sheet of paper.

It starts with a dot. But how does the dot form?

Heres how:

Put your finger in the middle of the paper.
Press really hard.
Pivot it.

It will rip a hole by creating a vortex, and the part of the paper that pivots under your finger becomes the dot.

So how do we draw a vortex on our chart?

It would spiral inward.

Sort of like a letter G. we have an inner spiral: "G"
An outer shell "O".
And a split in half "D" (that which seperates the inner pivot dot from the outer paper).

Whats that spell? GOD

Perhaps he left his fingerprint on creation.....


If you study the history of the alphabet, the letters came from egyptian heiroglyphs such
A door = Dalet = D
A house = Bet = B
An ox head = Alpha = A

and so on....

Heres another hint...the reason those things were chosen were not arbitrary...and not even because the objects depicted started with the sounds of those letters...

It has to do with interdimensional conectivity in the letter matrix and how they related to each other...

A house, a door, a gardin, a manicle, a court yard etc.

Think of the perimeter of the chart as its House...or the outer shell of the big dot.

Ok, thats enought clues on that one...the rest you'll have to figure out on your own.


Another clue:

Turn a sheet of paper on its diagnal and imagine is as a baseball diamond with each corner as a base.

Now look at the sheet from the viewpoint of third base...only look at it from the very thin sliver edge so that the paper is parralell to your line of can not see the front or back..only the sliver edge.

Now imagine that someone was standing on third base.

To you it would look like a dot in the middle of a line.

Imagine that someone was also standing at 1st base.

You would not see him because the 3d base runner blocks your view.

But if one ran to second and the other would suddenly see two dots appear and moving in oppisite directions to the endpoints of a line from the middle.

It would seem strange to you. How did one dot become two?
How did they coexist in the same spot at the same time?

The reason you cant figure it out is because your only seeing it one dimensionally.

If you look at it two dimensionally its easy to see...look at the paper from above and the line becomes a plane ...and the runners are seen at first and 3rd.

This why quantum mechanics looks so wierd to us...we are only thinking of things in terms of one dimension!

look at this dot----> .

on this 2d screen its just 1 dot.

But how do know that theres not another dot behind it in 3d?

the 2d screen doesnt revealt that information.

Or better yet...when we see things, how do we know that its the same thing everytime.

From 1d a runner at 3rd will look just like a runner at 1st...yet they are not the same. but they appear to be in the exact same spot on our line.

Without the extra-dimensional view, we cant be sure.

Let me give an example:

Remember metatrons cube?

It drew a 3d object on a 2d paper. 2d, the lines dont appear to all be the same length...the inner cube perimeter is shorter than the outer cube perimeter...but look at it again, only this time,imagine that the inner cube is merely the "back wall" of the outer cubes "Front wall". If we could measure that in 3d, all sides would be equal length...but on 2d paper they are not.

Now lets envision a circle with a line throught it (a diameter)

What if thats not a line...what if its an arc...but just like the paper/baseball diamond...we are only viewing it from the razor edge? What if it was merely a half circle standing upright. We cant see that in 2d...but we could in 3d.

Better yet...what if pi was really 3. or 2...or if theres a mirrored arc behind it as well...even 1!

It gets even wierder than that....


The flower of life is based on the hexagon. It is the fundamental buidling block of the universe.

Snowflake crystalls all grow in hexagons.

make a circle out of 7 cheerios in a ceral makes a hexagon.

This is the secret of time and space.

moving along the perimeter and you cross over two points tog to the other side.

Move through the center and you cross over only one.

Time moves faster through the center.

Want to see it in action?

Pour water into a glass. Drop a cheerio in it (or a ball shaped cerial...anything that floats really).

Rock the glass back and forth.

Try to make the cheerio cross from one side to the other.

If it goes along the perimeter it trys to stop at the ordinal points of the hexagon.

if it goes through the center it zips quickly to the other side. Time goes faster through the center.

Want to see zero point energy?

Make a hexagon of 7 cheerios in a bowl of milk. try to balance it in the middle. Even if you think you got it to stay...wait...maybe even 20 minutes...eventually it will be drawn back to an edge of the bowl.

You cant balance them on the centerpoint of the geometric will spin off eventually.


You can see everything from above on a 2d plane...but if your in the plane, you cant see back into 3d.

however, I can still interact with you in 2d...i just draw on your plane and let you see it. but you will have to do a lot of running around to see the whole thing from down there. you dont have the luxery of seeing everything at once in 3d like i can.

now image the 4d world looking down at us in 3d. They can see everythimg at once...but we cant see them.

However...they can interact with us by imprinting information onto our 3d plane. but to see the whole picture, we have to follow the path then put it all together...

There are lots of clues on the path. Chase the rabbit and see where it goes.



So the center diagonals which you said have to compute to 9 by diagonally computing the numbers simultaneously, are the spinning arms that we see in galaxies and the ying yang symbol, the swastika, the Norway Spiral, the spiral petroglyphs found all around the world, the atom, everything you can think of basically. As above, so below? Am I close?

This is the engine of the matrix, is it not?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 7078944

Your catching on quick....everything mirrors.

the G represents the vortex

zero point energy.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 12599045

I notice patterns easily, but not very good at the math.

So, with that being said, I'm trying to answer the question of, is this plane of existnence good or bad for us in general? Why the mysteries and all the secrets?

There is a lot of suffering going on at the hands of a few, and it's quite sickening. We could all be living comfortably and not needing anything if we learn to harness this power.

Help me out OP, is this creation from benevolence or malevolence?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 7078944

Well, this is kinda the way I see it...and this is my opinion only mind you, not some mathmatical discovery or something so take it for what its worth.

We need to see things in terms of good or bad, because we are created things. We cant see them as good AND bad because thats a god only perspective...its like trying to comprehend +1 and -1 simultaneousely...they cancel each other out and anhilate. Our minds need to have that seperation to maintain stability.

But god is the one who seperates them in creation. he makes light and seperates it from darkness. He makes good and seperates it from evil. All this would be in order and harmony if evil would stay in its place...but it does not..and it tricks man into letting it free.

So this plane could have been good if man didnt let evil off the leash which was our job in my opinion, as we are at the top end of the food chain and resposible for the care and upkeep of this world, a task i believed was placed upon us by the creator.

You perform this godlike behavior all the time...anytime you make a distinction between good and evil.

Lets say you live in a chaotic wilderness. So you build a house. You create a law in effect, seperating the good weather inside from the bad weather outside with a wall and a roof.

Now things are in order. But if a storm comes along and rips your roof off, the law is broken an the evil enters in your house.

Now did you create the evil bad weather by making something good (a house). Is evil your fault? simply made a distinction between them and put each in a proper place.

What we think of as evil is really disorder, things leaving their proper place.

that by the way is why i disagree with the whole NWO idea,,,

what was the famous quote from the bush speech in 1991?
"a new world order...where the rule of law, not the law of the jungle, governs the conduct of nations"

Well whats the law of the jungle? its natural law, as opposed to civil law.

Civil law is for the inside of the house, or nation, and natural law is for the outside, between nations.

Whos the author of natural law? God.

So if the goal is to bring in a one world government and replace Gods law with mans civil law at the very that not disorder? mans law above gods? What kind of havock will that wreak upon the world?


I've studied Marco Rodins work at a time in my life, but i could not see it in practical matters, maybe you can share some thoughts on this OP ? The math is astonishing, but i cannot see it in any application.
There are applications in electronics, creating antennas and strange magnetic devices, but what about geometry or even simple mathematical algorithms for calculations? Any thoughts?
 Quoting: n0n3 2281434

Well marko did create the rodin coil, i would call that a practical application.

I believe the biggest break through in this will be in the field of quantum will suddenly stop seeming so wierd when the see the light using this stuff.

The first step is to stop trying to see everything in terms of one dimension. Just like metatrons cube is a hexagon in 2d and a cube in 3d.

This is why light is both a wave and a particle. This explains the double slit experiment. This explains why schroedingers cat is both alive and dead at the same time.

For example, why does josephson's junction work and appear to allow a particle to pass through a solid wall?

Well its easy if you realize its just arcing over the top of the wall in the next higher dimension, as easily as I can cross over a line on a piece of paper by simply lifting my pen for a moment.

its a revolution of the mind.


Another clue: a curved line is a dimensional shift to a straight line.

Think of a straight line as a particle path and a curved line as a wave path. However one exterior line looks like a curve to the others perspective.

And if your standing in a curved plan, to your internal perspective the line your in is straight/ flat.


!!!!! GREASAI2 - another poster!!!!!

am Nuit, and my word is six and fifty.

Divide, add, multiply, and understand

I. “Divide”

Divide a circle into 56 equal parts, the 56 radii of the proposed mandala. The reciprocal operation divides;

56 divide 360 = 0.31111111

A circle with 56 equal units to its faceted circumference has a diameter of 18 equal units, yielding rational pi ;

56 divide 18 = 3.1111111 = “rational pi”

Rational pi makes the perimeter of the circle an integral number of the times the length of the radii. Rational pi is involved in the essential structure of number.

3.1111111 divide 2520 = 0.001234567

II. “Add”

Adding the sum of the first nine multiples of 56 yields the first number divisible by all base digits: 2520.


 III. “Multiply”: The binomial reflection sequence is also shown by multiples of 56. This reflection sequence is bounded by the number 2520.

When numbers, spiraled along 56 radii, are graphically represented, they form a visual example of the Formula of Nuit, 0=2.

The coded pattern reverses itself at the midpoint, 1260, and forms its perfect reciprocal reflection.

Binomial Reflection Sequence

1 9 x 56 = 0504 909
2 18 x 56 = 1008 9009
3 27 x 56 = 1512 3663
4 36 x 56 = 2016 8118
5 45 x 56 = 2520 2772
6 54 x 56 = 3024 7227

7 63 x 56 = 3528 11791
8 72 x 56 = 4032 6336
9 81 x 56 = 4536 10890
10 90 x 56 = 5040 5445
11 99 x 56 = 5544 9999

 Consider of six and fifty that 50 divided 6 = 0.12

0 the circumference, Nuit

. the center, Hadit

2 the world of illusion

Nuit thus comprehends All in None

Also 50x6 = 56 = 5+6=11. the key of all Rituals

And 50x6=300, the Spirit of the Child within

IV. “And understand”

This archetypal order show by the reflection sequence has been the object of philosophical speculation since the time of Plato.

Plato spoke of the number 5040 (2520 x 2 ) in his last work, Critias.

In fact, this number comes at the end of a passage long considered to be a fragment of unfinished work. It may be viewed, however, as a cryptic insight which left room for one to discover “understanding”.

Five times in the Book of Revelations, 1260 (2520 divide by 2 ) is allude to cabalistically.

1260 / 9 = 140

all four one:one four all

that is the tuning fourK of the cosmos


 By the way, the matrix chart I showed is literally building blocks, you can stack them together and it still works.


This is a 4 stack matrix. Notice how the 9/0 perimeters form a new Plus sign on an even larger matrix grid....

The patterns don't repeat only in linear directions, but in magnitude and scale as well.


!!!! another poster  !!!!!!

Re: >.........The Dimension Code.........<
Clue #1: Adding the digits.

First Process:
A. Take any large number and reduce it to a single digit by adding the numbers together.

For example: 17 = 1 + 7 = 8

If the result is still not a single digit, repeat the process until it is.

example: 68 = 6 + 8 = 14 = 1 + 4 = 5


Now lets create a number chart for reference using this method:

Using the numbers 1 through 9
(We leave out 0 for now because the answers for 0 are always 0, no need to chart it).

Second Process:
A. Count each number (1 through 9) according to its multiple.

For example; 1 would be 123456789 and 2 would be 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18
(We only need to count 9 places, we are only using digits 1 to 9).

B. Now reduce allwhole numbers to a single digit using the first process method above.

The results should look like this:

0's = 0000000000 (Always Same,bookend of 9)
1's = 0123456789 (straightcount)
2's = 0246813579 (evens then odds)
3's = 0369369369 (repeating circles)
4's = 0483726159 (odd/even skipping descending)
5's = 0516273849 (reverse mirror of 4's ascending)
6's = 0639639639 (reverse mirror of 3's)
7's = 0753186429 (reverse mirror of 2's)
8's = 0876543219 (reverse mirror of 1's)
9's = 0999999999 (Always same, bookend of 0)

This will be our main reference chart. Notice how it makes a perfect matrix, that reflects itself, both horizontally and vertically...

I will breakdown some amazing things about this chart in future posts...
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 12599045

The fact that it reflects horizontally / vertically is obvious. It's the same number, or the root (reduction according to the rules of adding and readding digits) of the same number, in the case of any element and its reflection across the northwest - southeast axis.

The interesting thing about this table is that (with the exception of bookends) the sequences reverse, i.e. the 8's is the same as the 1's but in reverse order. It's not clear to me why this is true but I'll think a bit more.

Everything else you say about the table (the "little chart", the "cross", the punny story about "LINE", etc.) comes from this single interesting fact that the sequences reverse.

The skill of the mathematician is to make things simple, to find the nub of the situation, not to make things confusing. I haven't figured out yet why the sequences reverse, but it should be clear already that it's not to the point that it represents some glorious "dimension code" the defines who our whole universe works.


!!! another poster  !!!

Its about the anlges
L = 90 degrees = 9
I = 180 = 9
N= 2x180 + 45 = 9
E = 180x4 = 9

O = 360 = 9

It's all about the circles that you find in the windmilss of your mind.

Round, like a circle in a spiral
Like a wheel within a wheel.
Never ending or beginning,
On an ever spinning wheel
Like a snowball down a mountain
Or a carnaval balloon
Like a carousell that's turning
Running rings around the moon

Look at your numeric pad on your keyboard, stack it, spin it.....3,6,9....matrix


Now if you minimize the magnification on your browser screen and look at this supermatrix at the correct angle from a distance you will see a faint image appear in between the numbers.

Each of the four grids has a double helix DNA image embedded in it going diagnally from the lower left toward the upper right...its tough to see but its there if you look....


!!! another poster   !!!!

Number reversal is nothing new. Both nemo and toad at this site have left posts on how numbers are behaving. Others do too, but it usually riddled with mythological bs


What's far more important to note and it's true of all double digit or higher numbers if you flip they either going to end up being divisible by 3,11, or 37 in varying combinations eventually.

0 is the gaurdian, center, and creator of all numbers and 1 positive and negative ensure no number escapes it. Too many people are seeing numbers the wrong way here giving bs that has been esoteric influenced by a side that hates humans and what we could do once we realize our abilities not just with numbers but everything that effects it.

I will only say this a few more times for those that care.

What makes 3 unique is how each of the number behaves.

3 - The father of all its derivatives and is the only 3 that can go in to all 3s though, at the expense of using more of itself and with a higher timer cost.

6 - The only 3 that works with a 2 and is the only double digit perfect number or neutral number. Without this no numbers can form grand hexagons when they peak.

9 - The end of cycle and the only three that is basically unchanging as you always find a 9 by adding up the digits in any number

27 2+7=9
144 1+4+4=9
999 9+9+9=27=2+7=9

I'm sick of people over looking the fact that all big numbers are eventually compressing down in to single digits. Think about what that means in general about numbers and physics. Yes there is expansion but only when you reach the bottom which is zero or 1.

A true master of 3 would be one that knows when one is a 6 or 3 but without the compression factor.

6 cannot go in to 15, 33, or 51 but when you compress those derivates of 3 you get a 6. The three is permanently switching like a dna helix with the 6 depending on certain numbers you're looking at. The nine never does and never can do it.

Holy shit are some of you people totally overlooking certain aspects of numbers even when it's in front of you.



To those who are presenting mathmatical proofs that the above is "already known"...

I fully agree with you that the underlying math of this can be proved in a simplified equation. As it should! If it did not...then how could it be true?

But Whats your point really?

Because you can express the fundamental mechanics of this in a simplified, more beautiful base equation says nothing about the design elements, it merely confirms and writes them in a another expression.

Well that doesn't prove or disprove anything. It merely translates it into another form. Its like saying Theres no design or intelligence behind the english language because we figured out how to translate it into spanish. Whats that got to do with anything?

The reason for expressing this concept into the more complex matrix is to reveal the geometry of it all, and therefore show intent and design.

But there in lays the divergent of faith.

Metatrons cube appears as a natural mathmatical result of geometry that begins with a single point. I see intent and design in that...that a 2d geometric figure should reveal a 3d do not. The reason you do not has nothing to do with the math. It has to do with and assumption of skepticism before the math even begins, and that will always cause you to see your results as mere functions of the natural universe. Those that see it, will see it because they choose to see it. Those that do not, choose not to.

In fact thats the very essence of this whole thread. One can look at metatrons cube and see the cube, another sees a hexagon.

They are both correct, from their point of view, but one simply refuses to except the other reality even exists. As long as you begin with doubt, your results will always be seen in the shadow of that doubt and you will never open your eyes to the higher truths.

Ok, thats all I have to say on skepticism...back to my original topic :)


!!!! another poster   !!!!

Re: >.........The Dimension Code.........<
Well OP you called the "Dimensional Code". A code is something that encompasses or transforms information. Indeed you did transform information, from a simpler to a more complex form.

Which is the higher truth? The mathematician will generally say the simpler and more general expression is higher and more desirable. That's not necessarily skepticism but preference, and there's a reason for it.

We (I am not a professional but have some training in that direction) think that going from simple to complex is relatively easy, after all one can always make something complicated by doing random sorts of things. But what was in God's mind when the stuff was created? Probably the simple more general thought.

There is the idea that God made creation so he could see how his ideas would play out. It is nice to get nice patterns. We generally would start with the simple then and go to the complex. Not "see this beautiful pattern" but "here's a simple idea, look at the beautiful patterns it generates." Then one doesn't leave to others the work of figuring out the simple pattern behind it. (It would be assumed you don't know it, else you would have presented it, unless it's some sort of puzzle.)

You purported to give us a Code. Instead you gave us an encoded message and it was up to others to notice that there's a code behind it. Until then a reader of the thread could think that this was how he should think about the universe, how he should try to solve his problems, and that's probably not the best.

So if you knew this had a conventional explanation, you should have said so. If you knew what the explanation was, you should have provided it.


I will simply refer you to what I said in the opening post:

...Now what if I also told you that with a little detective work it is possible that you could read this very code that drives the universe?

Well guess what? You can.
Also guess what? I'm not going to show you how.

...But I will give you some clues.


!!! another poster !!!

I provided a code to generate your patterns, but all that shows is that it's not nearly enough to drive the universe. I cannot claim credit for having done something as wondrous as you promised. But I think (in the words of Looney Tunes) th-th-That's all, Folks! There isn't any more to say, and it's less than promised.

It would be amazing if it were as promised, so go ahead and try. If you could somehow generate an array of observed natural phenomena from this, so that we could replace some of our scientific ideas with these ideas, that would be a useful contribution.


Numbers are not reality, they are a representation of it
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 12590388

Another way to look at it is that they are containers of information.

If I see ripples on the surface of a pond, i am merely looking at displaced water molecules. There is no more water in the pond before the ripples than after, yet i can see the presence of something else. information has entered into the medium of the pond.

Likewise numbers and letters may be representational...but their geometry is the indicator of information, something we can not see except through a medium of communication, yet we can recognize its presence.

Information is more real than even the physical nature that serves to convey its presence. In that sense, numbers are indeed real things.


!!! another poster   !!!

Does this only work with our number system? For example you couldn't pull off this chart with Roman numerals. Maybe we just invented our number system based on this, we created it and that's it. It wouldn't exsist without us. Yeah?


An intelligent being relays their messages clearly without much speaking. He who boastfully speaks much but says little is lost in their own context along with those that listen.

It is like telling a poor soul in the desert you will give them water but only after they jump through your hoops designed to control their thought processes. No one person owns knowledge, but it is shared freely earning it's value eponentially.

If you have a message to relate, don't dilute it with a bunch of psycho babble which in the end dumbs it down and therefore gets lost in translation. If only a few at the top actually "get" your message how are you any different than the elite spewing hypocracy?
Done to be done...

 Quoting: steveo

Ill put it this way...

"Unfortuneately,no one can be told what the matrix is, you have to see it for yourself" - morpheus

I gave an example earlier of a 3d being communicating with a 2d being.

Mr. 3d sees 2d doesnt even know mr. 3d mr. 3d wants to communicate with mr. he begins by "drawing" a square onto his plane of existance.

Mr. 3d can see the square in its entirety, and comprehend its fullness. Mr. 2d can not, he only sees 1 side of it. 2d can still gain the knowledge of the square by following a path around it and observing every side. Once hes completed his journey he can conclude the existance of the square...or he might simply dismiss it as a coincidence of walls that happened to intersect accidentally to create the illusion of a square...the choice to recognize it or not is a matter of the will at the end of the day.

But as far as the comprehension of the 2d could not connect the dots to follow the path if he first didnt have the faith to see the roadmap before him...nor could he get the big picture without following the whole path.

Therein lays the problem...there really truly is no way for me to show you the fullness of this, the best i can do is lay out clues and reveal paths...if you even see them as such.

At best we can only see its a tesseract.

So to repeat the quote above....unfortuneately no one can can be told what the matrix is, you have to see it for yourself...and theres no way to see it in its entirety without looking at it fron other perspectives and different points of view...

Having said that, your free to believe whatever you choose to believe...Im merely presenting may choose to see it however you like....


Another clue:


Notice how the answers are all repeating versions of 143857...the only thing that changes is a shift in position...

positions are very important. Imagine you are at the center point of a circle and these repeating numbers are around you, as you turn to face a new path, the start number in front of you shifts...indeed the whole circle shifts like the turning of a dial.

Also notice how everything is a multiple of seven and 14...except when you get above 50...then you add 1. (above .5 you round up not down).

so... 14285714...
14...42...28...85 (84+1)...57 (56+1)...71 (70+1)...and back to 14...

all multiples of 7 and 14 (with some +1)

there are 7 numbers before returning to 14.

what numbers are missing?




usung the digits from the decimals of sevenths and stacking them...

look at the 7's...they create a double helix like dna...

 if we make a matrix of 1/1, 1/2, 1/3,....and so on...we get this:

and so on...

Some clues:
The majority will be repeating decimals.
The ones that are not will be:
Factors of 2, factors of 5, or any of those times a factor of 10.

If i wrapped this in a spiral, the non repeating numbers would form rays eminating from the center....

[  another poster ->  again, that is simply Lo Shu, 27 entangled magic squares: ]


So I had a play, as I said... 6 hours later and I am ready for bed and breakfast.

Made a number of gives and images, didn't know how to post them here (rather new to this forum posting stuff) so added it to a blog page.

If there is anything repeated in there, please let me know so I can exclude those directions. Saying that, I am not expecting to have anything special, but going by what has been posted so far, this should be interesting, at least a little bit... bare in mind, please (making excuses now :D) this is totally new to me from this afternoon, so if something blatant is missing, or false, could you kindly highlight it to me please so that I don't leave BS online :D


[link to]
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 9980722

Cool stuff...the thing thats bothering you about the nines and zeros...try staking multiple grids together...then the borders becom 90 or 09...not 9s or 0's (stack them 3x3 to start)

Theres a shape that drew itself when I tried to morph a certain type of triple helix onto and it is the fundamental building block of dimensionality in my opinion...ill try to make it here but its difficult in text...

its a tic tac toe grid of sorts, except it has an outer border...

| + /|
|+ + +|

Sorry the above really does not do it justice...

There are 9 boxes #

there was a plus of pluses inside

There was a diagnal going from lover left to upper right

The top row and left column had the same symbol (a sort of reverse 7)

The bottom row and Right column had the mirror of that, (a reverse L)

The lower left and upper right and center boxes had both (reverse L7)

The 9's and 0's reflect this.

If you follow the path...starting at the center would flow like this:

up 1, left 1, down 2, diagnal back to center.

You could also travel an opposite mirrored path to the right. (D1 R1 U2 Diagnal to center)


Am I at least going in some decent direction? Was pretty excited and half expecting some advise, comments with regards to what I output :D
 Quoting: cjl85uk 9980722

Your chart at the top of page 2...also try making it 2x2 but try it with the 0's row and columns on the matrixes too. Also try as 3x3....4x4...etc.

The patterns you are seeing are not accidental...


 This will be one of the most important clues I will Post.

Lets talk about Navigation.

Centuries ago...when sailers traversed the ocean in wooden did they know where they were?

They used the stars...and time...with these two elements, they could properly map their place on the world.

Similarly, in do you know where you are? And what is your point of reference from the origin?

The points are the stars...and the matrix is your star map.

Lets start with a point-----> O

This will be our "Point of origin" i.e. the beginning.

Now lets "Step back" and "look at the point"

you<----- O (the point)

Because you are removed from the point, you can look back and view the point

(this by the way,is the mystery of consciousness...For what is conscious?

Con = Contrary...opposing to...opposite "viewpoint"

Sci = To Know (As in science)

Conscious = the state of being able to look at and know from an opposite/outer point of view ones self...introspection. This is why "Mirror" neurons are so important to conscious awareness).

But I digress...back to our model...

you <---- O

As you look back at your point of origin, what do you see?

You see a point staring back at you

O do you know there is nothing behind the point? (This is Key)

Well, Guess what...there is...

For every reaction there is an equal and opposite reaction.

(imagine yourself as a point...we will call it a "view point")

As you remove yourself from the point of origin one direction you can now turn around and look back upon it (we will call this point of origin the "Object Point"...but for every step you remove from the object point...there is another point being equally removed in the opposite direction. We will call this the "Subject" Point.

You (point of view) O <----- O (Object) -----> O (Subject)

You Can't see the subject point yet because it is hidden behind the object.

We will call the subject point "Subtle" in this state...because it is hidden behind the Object.

From above all you see is your point of Origin:


You don't yet know there is something behind it.

Now so far you are only moving one dimensionally...

But what happens if you stop and begin to move two dimensionally?

O (You)
========== O (object) ======== O (Subject)

Now...From your point of view, you can see both the object in the foreground and the subject in the back ground.

When we started...before you had seperated yourself from the point of origin: you, the object, and the subject were all one...that is, in the same place at the same time.

This is called being in a state of "At-One-Ment"
or "Atonement"

It is point 1. The Origin Point. The point at which everything becomes singular.

Do not confuse this with zero Point, Which is Circular O or orbital in nature...a vortex.

So,heres the thing....if all that exisits is you, the object point and the subject point, you wont really be able to ascertain depth yet...but you can calculate it.

When you looked one dimensionally all you saw was the object point.


You didnt know there was a subject point behind it.

But as you begin to ascend upward, the subject begins to rise into view. This is what you see looking back at them from your view point:

O (subject)

O (Object)

As you go "Up" The Subject appears to arise above the object.

But lets step out of yourself for a moment and look at whats happening from the side view:

O You
======== O (Object) ======= O (Subject)

The subject has not really moved "up"...rather, you did!

From your point of view you see the object in the foreground and the subject in the background...but with nothing else to reference in order to measure depth, all you see is the illusion of a lower Object and a Higher subject.

But of course this is not really the case.

So, measuring the illusionary "Apparent" distance of the length between the subject and the object...we can then figure out exactly the following:

1. "How far back one dimensionally" we are removed from the object
2. "How far up" we have travelled from that point (we will call this the divergence point...the elbow in our path)

Thus we can successfully figure out exactly where we are and begin to navigate the interdimensional star chart that is the matrix!

So why does this become so important?

Because its dimensionally impossible to reconstruct the matrix on paper with the limitations of our dimensions.

Subjects hide behind objects in our dimensional reality,,,and what may appear to be one point or thing, may actually be two...or one or the other yet appear the same, or both...or neither! (This is why quantum mechanics looks so wierd)

It is only by changing your viewpoints that you can discern them.

Is metatrons cube a cube or a hexagon? Its both....depending on your point of view...


The Universe IS consciousness.

(But be careful who you bump into out there...)

Happy travels!


So the matrix I have on top of page 2 - you don't count that as 2x2?

Or do you mean 2x2 of that finished image?

That finished image, I feel is right to count as 1. So yes, I can see what you mean with creating an expansion on this 2x2, 3x3 and so on... I just would like to complete this 1 result and see in 3D the positions of each number..

In 3D - if we expand up in stacked layers - can you image a Octahedron also?

It is a pretty awesome shape - kinda unravels a lot of other potential...
I am also aiming to get a 3D representation of the layers to result as I suspect, in a Octahedron with 0 at each edge and vertex. Everything contained within, by everything - all is one.
[link to]

Almost imagine that the combinations of numbers/patterns within the 3D form could present some cool stuff to say the least :)

just added some colour pattern playing...
[link to]
 Quoting: cjl85uk 9980722

What I Ment was that you have columns of 9's through the center but no columns of 0's...that works in a way too...but if your going to truly stack the boxes, the zeros shou;d be included as well

As far as the 3d, octahedron, etc...yes, but it is MUCH more than that:

There are paths that pattern and link in 2d, as you have drawn...and likewise the matrix also does so in 3d as well in order to create other 3d shapes BUT:

It Doesn't stop there! It also makes matrix's in 4d, 5d, 6d,...etc...

And more importantly all of this can be rotated and reorganized depending on the points where one dimension on the matrix intersects another.

These are called points of divergence.

For example...the points at the corners and the center....can you not go up down right left along them in 2d?

They form lay lines in your 2d matrix...a plus and an plus of plusses as you begin to stack the matrixes

But Wouldnt it be proper to assume that they ALSO go IN and OUT in 3d at those points as well??

You cant draw that on 2d paper...but if you made your matrix into a cube, you could very well see how these points of divergence intersect between dimensions.

Now consider this...there are also points of divergence that connect to higher dimensions as well...

Wouldnt it be possible to enter to them if one were to find themselves at that point of divergence (being in the right place at the right time)

Say...arent we about to cross some great intergalactic plane on the mayan calander or something? Hmmmmm.....


when 'griding up', I am finding that it makes for nicer stacking, and general adding/multiplying - to have a equal space between each number, as if a number was there too
0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0
 Quoting: cjl85uk 9980722

Distance is importnat, but so is number position

For example,,,there are connections to the fact that a number falls into a certain place in sequence on the chart (this is interdimensional)


Example: multiples of 7 are:

7 14 21 28 35 42 56 63

Lets take the number 35.

Now notice that 35 is 3+5 = 8

35 is the 5th position on the sequence.

We have 5 (position) 8 (matrix sum) and 7 (starting number)

we can reorder these 6 different ways:

578 587 758 785 857 875

Our divergence is at 35 or rather 8 (3 + 5 = 8)

Now lets look at the multiples of 5,7 and 8:

5's Multiples: 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 45
5's Matrix sums: 5 1 6 2 7 3 8 4 9
Position: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

7's Multiples: 7 14 21 28 35 42 49 56 63
7's Matrix sums: 7 5 3 1 8 6 4 2 9
position: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

8's Multiples: 8 16 24 32 40 48 56 64 72
8's Matrix sums: 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 9
Position: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

Notice that for 5's multples the 7th position is 35.


Notice that for 5's matrix sums the 7th position is 8.

Notice for 7's multiples the 5th position is 35.


Notice that for 7's matrix sums the 5th position is 8.

Notice that for 8's Multiples AND matrix sum...the number 8 is in the first position...

If we look at the same positions for both 5 and 7 we get 5 and 7.

The positions correspond to their counterparts. (Position 1 is the nexus)

Look at 8's Matrix sum:

8 is at postion 1. So what Position is 1 at? = 8

The way this works is a 369 pattern...a trisection of points.

It goes like this: number number position (repeating)

So lets follow the rabbit and see what we get...

5's Multiples: 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 45
5's Matrix sums: 5 1 6 2 7 3 8 4 9
Position: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

7's Multiples: 7 14 21 28 35 42 49 56 63
7's Matrix sums: 7 5 3 1 8 6 4 2 9
position: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

8's Multiples: 8 16 24 32 40 48 56 64 72
8's Matrix sums: 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 9
Position: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

Remember, use number number position...

on 5's matrix sums 578 are at positions 1,5 and 7
Since we are on 5's matrix sum...lets start with postion 5

Going to each corresponding position on each matrix sum for 5's and 7's and 8's we get 7 8 4

But remember we are using number number position
so the number 4 is not a number its a position

and whats the number at the 4th position on that sequence? its 5

So now go up and we get 5 1 2 ....but 2 is the position
goto position 2 and we see a 1

now go down, and we get 1 5 7....7 is the position
goto 7 and we get 2 and continue....248

...248 gives 421

...421 gives 875

...and 875 brings right back to the 7 that we started with.

Whats missing in this whole repeating cycle? 369!


notice some strange things about our pattern sequence though...

3 numbers across...
6 numbers down...
9 is the middle sum (5 + 4)

add the numbers down...
column 1:
7+5 = 12 = 1+2 = 3
5+1 = 6
1+2 = 3
2+4 = 6
4+8 = 12 = 1+2 = 3

column 2:

Column 3:

So we can see that 369 is the glue that binds everything together. Everything trisects between interdimensions.

a plane has 2 directions, but a cube adds a third.

Likewise...the 2 real numbers in one dimension have an unseen counterpart on a higher plane!

There are two straight lines to one curved!

there are also 2 curved lines to one straignt (|)

Look at the curved "eyes" on the flower of life = ()
Imagine a straight line intersecting it. Its not there in our reality...but the empty space is the solid on their plane...and the solid is the empty.

our (|) corresponds to their )|(

The other dimension is at a right angle to us.

Imagine a circle with a line through it (A diameter)

On Paper it looks like two half circles and one straight line:


But what if the line where a 3 dimensional half circle
and we were just seeing it along its thin edge

That would mean that all three lines were exactly the same
( | )

The only difference being that the middle line (the diameter) exists one dimension higher...yet is joined with and part of the whole object...and obeject that exists multidemensionally!

two on our plane = ( )
and one in the next = |

They intersect and we see it as (|)

remember....number number position....or should i say, number, number, "dimensional shift"....

heres the grid again


now 1/7 = .142857....repeating

and 2/7 and 3/7 and so on merely change the POSITIONS on those numbers...

(i.e. for example 2/7 = .285714...repeating)

Notice how they relate to our sequence above...

Clues.....many many clues.....

 At this point, anyone who is reading and understanding this thread should have come to one startling conclusion...

There is intelligent design behind this.

This isnt just numbers....its communication.

This is the phonebooth of the matrix.




photoshop layer playing is messing with my head!
in a good way!

placing numbers in front or behind and moving to the side, mimics angle/twist - and you see that some of the pattern is hidden and some fit in the spaces where normally other numbers would be should all planes be at default so to speak.

what I mean is, if you were to have it in 3D as two levels (only talking of 2 at the mo because I am not further yet!)
rotating/twisting, like you are saying I believe, align the perspective totally differently...

fascinating. how the hell to catalogue the patterns, combo's, layout, output, connections... its MASSIVE
 Quoting: cjl85uk 9980722

It is massive...thats why i say, no one can be told what the matrix is, you have to see it for yourself.

From the vantage point of this plane you can only see it in parts, you dont have the benefit of seeing it from the whole above.

when you look at one side, by default you lose the ability to see it from the other...

however, over time, you can see and remember the pieces and put them together to sort of get the big a giant jig saw puzzle...or a giant combination block.

BUT It may not be best to know every combination or every piece at once...mankind may not be ready yet to unlock that box...


Has anyone played with multiplying in place of adding?


1 2 = 3
6 7 = 1 3 = 4


0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
0 3 5 7 9 2 4 6 8
0 8 3 7 2 6 1 5

...and so on...


1 2 = 2
6 7 = 4 2 = 6


0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
0 2 6 3 2 3 6 2 9
0 3 9 6 6 9 3 9

...and so on...

makes more sense for the 0's to result as the encapsulating face's and vertices...

When 9 is next to another number (N) - the difference from the above methods results as so:

9 X N = 9
9 + N = N

How I would interpret... well... opposites... so I am thinking my grid could be adjusted to include addition and multiplication - it's on the to do list :) unless something thinks no worth?

(above examples not with full grid - I am expanding in real version from 0 -> 0 )
 Quoting: cjl85uk 9980722

Adding verses multiplying....+ vs X

What is an is a Diagnal + is it not?

What happens if you looked at the matrix diagnally istead?

Take your 2x2 matrix and make a diamond in it...turn it 45 degrees, the diamond becomes a square.

now check your multiplication and how does it relate to your original matrix

There is a reason the first matrix has a plus running through it. Make an X through it and examine that.

Remember...the numbers draw the shapes and symbols...this isnt math...its communication and language...


How does one talk to a fish?

Either you have to learn the fish's language, or teach the fish ours...or meet somewhere in between...perhaps even a new language for both.

But lets be honest...there probably only so much that can be said in fishspeak...but how much more can the fish become aware of if it can learn ours?


Another interesting thing to check out is magic squares...not many people know about them but they have a long history...

[ repsonse from antoher poster - You would enjoy Carl Munck, link below. Always did prefer videos over type.
You did not openly answer my previous 4 questions... but in essence you have in that 1) You do not know, or 2) You wish to tease, or 3) You're hoping we give you the answers.

Either is ok. But time is part of the equation as we are finite. Imagine yourself sitting stranded in the woods and you meet a grizzly bear who's starving and your defenseless.

Would your dicernment of math "codes" help you? Or maybe your last thoughts would of been to share before the end even though civilization has been "reset" many times.]


D "I"(eye) MEN'S "I" ON

d---"I" ---AM---ON---d

code "I"

I = 9th letter
9 = 3+3+3
9 = 3 x 3
 Quoting: P.I. 12708217


I is H on Its Side. Its A circle.

. dot expands +

Do+ (Dot)

+O (it, to) Ordinal direction, ordinal object


in it to into no not it ion


cant do them all in 2d...theirs to many rays that connect on one nexus....


Re: >.........The Dimension Code.........<
D "I"(eye) MEN'S "I" ON

d---"I" ---AM---ON---d

code "I"

I = 9th letter
9 = 3+3+3
9 = 3 x 3
 Quoting: P.I. 12708217


I is H on Its Side. Its A circle.

. dot expands +

Do+ (Dot)

+O (it, to) Ordinal direction, ordinal object


in it to into no not it ion


cant do them all in 2d...theirs to many rays that connect on one nexus....
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 12599045

The code tells you what to do

start with a dot

do +(do "expand")...expand into what?


INTO ....

A line, a cube, a plane,...

A line...IT TO

A Plane...It To To

A Cube... at it to to...

at dot to line at it to plane at it to the rabbit

A+O (A is the alpha or bigger magnitude of O..the original dot that expands into the Alpha dot)

EOOE = dot becomes = Energy O<----O---->O Energy

Now you Know.


Ok so a lttle bit about the spin aspects of some of this...which again is impossible to show on 2d so you have to look at it with abstract thought...


(Ignore X's its just filler so I could type this)

Notice where it says "Plines"

Well its not really plines...its planes...but that happens is when you change a point of view by turning around a corner...there is an opposite affect on the subject in relation to the object of your point of view.

In this case the P is the point of view, L(corner) is the object, and A and I are the subjects.

So theres only one P..and its in "planes" (i put the second one their to show the destination for the viewpoint change)

So when we P from verticale Planes to horizontal Lines...we ALSO move A to I and I to A.

Its a rotation around the corner L.

Therefor horizontal Planes become Verticle Lines and Vertical Lines become Horizontal Planes.

P moves to where there was no P...and Where it was, there is now nothing.

Meanwhile I moves to where A is and A moves to where I was.

All this spin is taking place in an orbit around L.

Remember our arrowhead .... <---

L is all about direction...the arrow is L on an angle.

There are two directions to L. They are at 90 degrees to each other. L is the plce where directionchanges.

BUT when we spin LINE with PLANE...we must also spin Horizontal CUBE with vertical CUBE.

now you might be saying...but the connection point of cube to the matrix is not an L therefore how can you spin or turn it..if turns only happen at L's?

Look Again...the connection points are E's.

Well whats an E? Isnt there an L hidden in it? Remember...just because you see one thing in 2d doesnt mean there isnt something else there too...two objects can share one point interdimensionally and you might not know it.

Lets look at lines cubes and planes as shapes.

| = 1d (line) (up or down). If I made this upside down you wouldnt know it.

L = 2d (Lines) (up and left).

this is not to be confused with "+" which is = (up down left right)

E = An L, an Upside down L, and a little L inside, and a little upside down L inside, all overlapping. The little L is in the backgound (small distant) and the big L's are in the foreground (large close) depth..a cube.

In fact, if the cube was solid so that we couldnt see to the little L's at the far end we would only see the Top, bottom and side Axis's...a "C"

(If we tilt the E 90 degrees on its side it becomes an M...If we tilt the C 90 degrees the other way it becomes a U...C and U represent changes and turns, circle under...however a B is two U's sideways on a line | but its also a backwards E on a line | ...put it together and you have all the ordinal directions for CUBE
C = 90 degrees counterclockwise
U = 90 more degrees counter clockwise
B = | + 180 degree turn of E
E equals the starting point (Energy)

...and also the directions for E=MC squared ( E = M with a C 90 degree counter clockwise change)

So anyways...the Cubes do indeed pivot on the E's because they are the 3d versions of L whereas L is the 2d version of | and | is the 1d version of .

All of these can spin...and when they so, they force a dimensional shift.

So another question might be, how does the Upper vertical CUBE get to the lower horizontal CUBE when spin occurs?

The answer is...Both E's are actually the same! I just can't place that on our 2d paper using this whats actually happening is an interdimansional "Jump"...(this is what happens in quantum mechaninics).

When you change your point of view...when you turn corners and spin around nexus also change the way the rest of the matrix appears before you. The trick is knowing where you are, what changes, and what stays the same....

Also notice you can spin the entire thing and it still works...because LINES and PLANES form a giant L on which to Pivot.


This is the center point. it has two L's (up to left and down to right)

It also has a multi-directional + in the middle (which is just 4 L's when you think about it).

A is Alpha magnification (magification...the little dot bcomes big)

+ is the little dot, expanding in 4 directions simultaneously.

I is movement along a line from one plant to the next.

O is the dot ...and since the little dot is becoming big...we have two dots...we can see the directions and results of rotation.

It (I+) to (+o) At (A+)

is the same as a line from one dot o to the next o

It becomes at...little becomes dot becomes two...

We can think in terms of "it" the moment the dot exists, but we can not think in terms of "At" unless we have a second point of view, or a second dot, for which to compare and have a point of reference by which we may say "At" in at it...over there...not here,,,another place...

The explainations are all built right into the logic and code of the matrix, all you have to do is examine it.

So regarding what I wrote earlier...That not only numberical value matters...but geometric position on the matrix matters as well...and that a given number value can indicate the "position" of the next number in a sequence (that in itself is astounding when you think about the level of information that is being encoded) and should clearly indicate a higher form of intelligence is behind this...

Lets look at our number path along the sequence above again...


And the divisions of 7....

1/7 = .142857...
2/7 = .285714...
3/7 = .428571...
4/7 = .571428...
6/7 = .714285...
7/7 = 1

(the step from 6/7 to 7/7 is amazing...notice that adding decimal values of 6/7 with 2/7 we actually get .9999 repeatig...or 1...yet from 6/7 to 7/7 we only should have increased 1/7 step, not 2/ why do we add 2/7 to get to one? Thats because if you begin by adding the 1/7 to 6/7 you will notice that you have to quickly carry a one that "Flips" the whole thing to 2/7 dueing the addition process...and yet from there you still have to carry a one that in turn gives you .9999 repeating which in reality actually solves to "1"....)

So again, in all our sequences above...same numbers (no 369) but all that changes is a rotation of position...the sequence changes but not the numbers. This is a vibrating cycle...the shifting of number positions is a sort of oscillation.

What is value of each position oscillating shift?

Well look at the values of the sevenths and their positions...

Follow the rabbit (starting at 1/7):

2 to the left
1 to the right
3 to the right
1 to the left
(And for 7/7 we get 2 flips...)
1 to the left +2 to the left=3 to the left
(then back to 1/7)
2 to the right

(But if you seperate out all the little steps you get: 21311232213113221311....)

If you map makes a DNA double helix

Multiply it by three and what do you get:

But thats if we looked at this as a sort of AC/DC oscillating shift...what if we imaagine the shift to be only to the right or to the left...then we get something like this....






Going from 6/7to 7/7 is the big ALPHA shift...its where everythings jumps up to the next magnitude...but its also where everything Splits!

In the case of:
our Little dot .
becoming +
a big Alpha dot O

The jump/split from 1 to 2 (outer dot and inner dot) takes place at the jump between 6/7 and 7/7

.7 becomes 1.0....but 1 looks back on is the completion of the circle of 7's.

1 is the Alpha dot...and 7 is the Omega dot and they face each other....but we can reverse this as well...

7 as Alpha (beginning) and 1 as Omega (end) ... .7 to 1.0

in seven steps...0.1 shifts to 1.0

Omega actually means Great Circle/O in greek.

Look at the letter A (alpha)...It starts at a point at the top and branches out into two...yet the two are connected by a cross bar in the middle...they are one...It is a trinity of sorts...

A begets O


little dot begets big dot ... A+O

Its all contained within itself.

So getting back to the original sequence:


notice how they weave together...

784 to 875 (Flip the 87 and subtract 1)
512 to 421 (Subtract 100 and flip the 12)
248 to 157 (Subtract 100 add 10 subtract 1...or flip the 2/1, 4/5, 7/8)

Rotation within Rotation Within Rotation...A wheel within A wheel as Ezekial put it...Its all vibrating, its all interwoven...

Look How they share digits...

784 875 becomes 5784 (read it forward then backward)
512 421 becomes 5124 (read it forward then backward)
248 157 becomes 157842 (Everything mirrors all 6 numbers are contained either forward or backward)

This is a hexagonal rotational formation.

Its a woven fabric...a vibration cycling between numbers...

Repeating numbers never find their final resting place because they are always bouncing infinately between two places at once.

This is why the uncertainty principle in quantum mechanincs exsists...You can not know equally both position and momentum at the same time BECAUSE IT IS THE SAME OBJECT at BOTH PLACES SIMULTANEOUSLY!

if 9 = 5+4...then 9 is neither 4 nor 5 at any given time, but rather both at once....

It is merely itself vibrating back and forth between the two to give the whole.

NOW....remember metatrons cube?

When you look at can see it as a hexagon, or envision it as a cube...but in your mind you cant really see it as both have to envision the object as either 2d or 3d but not both...YET IT IS BOTH.

Your mind oscillates back and forth between 2d and 3d...a dimensional shift...your inner mind is actually switching its point of are moving interdimensionally along the matrix....when you realize this...doors will suddenly begin to open for you and you will begin to see new things...

This is what an epiphany is...a move to a higher alpha shift...where your mind sees all the little pieces and puts them together to see the whole....the jump from .1 to 1.O

It is the great vibration of our very consciousness that allows this to happen.


that's just brilliant! heard of mobius strips before but never tried one... it's mind blowing!
 Quoting: cjl85uk 9980722

The Reason I put this here is to make a point about everything...even our consciousness, reflects itself.

Are we Wind or Mr. Ug? Or are we not both?

The Alpha you is also The Subconscious you...and they mirror each other.

Thats what consciousness is...Sci = to know...

Con Know ourselves from a CONtrary be able to step back and look at ourselves and understand...THIS is consciousness and it is what makes us unique and seperates us fro instinct and being nothing more than a brute beast.

But I also believe that we are part of a greater conscious was made to reflect a greater image...

Experience the shift in consciousness in action.

Look at this Dot:
Example A:


Whats behind it? Imagine there is another Dot there...

Now lets see what that would look like from the side:
Exaple B:

You O <----- Dot O ------> O other dot

Now consider your EXPERIENCE when envisioning both example A and example B

In Example A...your point of view is fro within your self looking back at the screen...your outer senses SEES the dot before you...and your inner senses IMAGINE (or sees within your minds eye) the dot behind it.

In example B, you have an out of body experience,,,you look down upon yourself, on the paper, looking at the dot with the dot behind it...

You have just made a dimensional shift...and when you move UP one can see all things at once with your external senses...yet in example A...while you are in the body, you see from the point of view of yourself...and only the first dot before you with your Alpha eyes...but the second dot with the minds eye...

There is a 2d/3d vibration shift that takes place when you change your point of are not merely observing the information before are a PART of are interacting with it...and changing your point of view also changes the dimensional positioning of the second you move down onto the paper in example B...the second dot moves UP from the hidden lower plane onto the same that all our visible on the same shift causes another...

This is why the double slit experiment changes when an Observer is we change our point of view...we also shift the elements of the wave pattern in an equal and opposite reaction and collapse the wave...its a dance....a tango between observer and subject in a great orbit around the object...

A wheel within a wheel within a wheel within a wheel within...


until about the 1490's...math used to use a P and M for plus or minus....

they changed the notation to reflect the t in latin "et" which became the modern + symbol...

And the - minus symbol was taken from a horizontal line over "meno"'s M which they used for minus.

before that, the egyptions used heiroglyphs of legs either walking toward or away to represent add or subtract.

Yet the matrix exhibits these and other notations beautifully...

the matrix is built on a magnification of pluses...




which continues in endless magnifications.... the matrix was drawing pluses before we even began to use the symbol...almost as if it "knew" the letters, numbers and symbols we would eventually use in our modern language

if thats not evidence for the divine, then i dont know what is!


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