Wednesday, February 12, 2014

It's been some time...

Between then and now, time has passed; blogger pages stayed as they were left and maybe will continue like that after today.

Continued investigations into number theory have not answered as many questions as new questions posed!
The journey truly is where satisfaction is being found, oblivious to an end aim, just outputting and storing seems to be the game.

Well, I would like to change that and am moving to do something with my collection of 2000+ files - consisting of geogebra, excel, photoshop outputs/templates; photos of hand written notebooks ready for digitization; powerpoints; pdf's... I have been busy enjoying my time yet along the way have managed to store up quite some documentation of learning almost like the Greeks did :)

It needs cleaning up - at least into categories... this is work in progress i.e. watch this space.

Ready items that are just sitting there (ready for eyes, not complete in the sense of ended)....

Here is a link to googledrive where you can locate some documents I put together - kinda a snippet of the bigger picture in the distance :)

Kinda thinking that if something I have already done can trigger something for you... cool, I would be interested to hear about developments - imagining that someone out there might see some sense in this and engage me to complete some output together perhaps?

I really have got a chunk of stuff 'analyzed' (only word I can really think to apply here) and its in dire need of review and write up - the few doc's I shared above via googledrive, are truly snippets - I don't think I see an end yet... each review leads to new ideas... still... two years on...

Almost two years since this:

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