Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Maybe Coming Closer to Tidying up my Collection of Number Musings...

I have left words of promise to people these past months, to share some insight into my passion for number analysis; some visions in mind to expand upon, and the thought of sparking some interest into you... well... it's motivating.
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So I had a gander at what I set up back in 2012 to be part of a presentation slash workshop; it is a very brief poker at what more could be explored - and the aim is not to provide answers but rather pester curiosity for further musings.

So I include it here, with a page of pictures that I also included into the presentations - images of the paper workings (really is the more fun way to play - although Excel for sure gets it's fair share of worthy recognition, as too GeoGebra for the graphical explorations of 'numbers'.) which can also be found in the shared google drive location in the previous post on this blog.

It may lead to degrees of philosophical recognition as to our perception to/of numbers... once one form of data is transformed into variations of representation manners, colors and shapes... giving form to numbers (or is it numbers giving value to form?) it is hard not to ponder towards energy and mass, space and time, light and sound... forces, motion, spin, quantum, gyro... yet I am just thinking games at this present time.
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My tablet had a rather built up selection of notes I had sketched up with my S pen... said table was stolen recently... lost a lot of musings that were new and fresh during my Asia months, so, to beat discouragement, I am just gently exploring again, which, as I write this and present the little worksheet, factors, primes, composites are being explored, as too cumulative sums, as too further fibonacci related ponderings.

Anywho... off you go, have a look at some number play!
Worksheet Download -

Click on Mr Tesla to follow through to the photo album...

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